Monday, February 24, 2020

The User Manual for a Printer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The User Manual for a Printer - Essay Example The papers are usually of standard sizes. The standard sizes allowed are such as A3, A4 or A5 sizes depending on the size of the print device. These sheets of paper are usually placed on a tray on the side of the print device from which they are rolled in whenever information requires being printed. Print devices vary in speed, size, cost, and sophistication. The print devices get more expensive with higher resolution printing color and or what it prints. Before using the print device, first, ensure that it has been installed correctly on the computer. After this, adjust the printer features. The printer features include the paper input, test print, maintenance, system and host interface, SRL, (2009). These features are adjustable at the print device’s interface. These printer features usually allow one to get to the basic printer settings that are in charge of controlling the printer’s operations. The following are the steps to follow when first using a print device. First set the sheets of paper fittingly on the pushed out tray of the printer. Different paper size can be noted by the labels on the different trays of the printer. The next step is that of setting the print activity or canceling a print in progress. On the menu, select [file] then click on [print]. The next step is to select the printer you want to use the [name] list, it will show a list of your printers. Select the printer you want to use and select [OK ]. Click [OK] to begin printing. When canceling a printing session in progress, first double click on the printer icon. Select the job you would like to end and click [cancel printing]. Printer Reference, (2011). This part deals with the prompt messages that periodically show on the display.  

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